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Template Versus Bespoke

A template explainer video is preformatted off the shelf explainer videos that are either in the form of a basic animation or more advanced powerpoint design. These are great to get something produced quickly and on a budget, and the script would be made to fit around the template itself if not perfectly aligned. Customisations using a template are limited versus bespoke explainer videos where all components are designed for relevancy to the script and storyboard.

What’s included when making your explainer video

Script Writing:

You will have a detailed consultation with one of our script writers who will spend time with you to understand your requirements, the message you want to have conveyed, the style in which you wish to have the explainer video message presented. This script will be used for the creation of the storyboard and given to our illustrators to create the storyboard. The script writing process is often completed over several versions of iterations, and we only finalise this when you are happy.

If a client has their own script, we generally will have our script writer or video producer review the script to ensure that it fits the do’s and don’ts of the fundamentals of writing a explainer video script. Please note also that typically the length of an explainer video is often determined by the number of words per second, with 3 words per second being the maximum before the voiceover element starts to sound unnatural. Therefore if you have your own script, our writers will help in improving word efficiency where applicable, over assistance in conveying your message.


The storyboard is a series of grid based drawings that allow a pre-visualisation of the explainer video. We work closely together to ensure that your message is powerfully conveyed, feedback can be provided on the story, characters, colors, and all other components that are included in the video. You can engage with us closely in the process, or leave it to us.

Illustration and Animation:

This is the part where we take care of the rest. We use our high tech software and storyboard to craft into multiple frames your explainer video. Depending on the number of frames per second and complexity of the video, this will often determine how long this process takes.

Once this has been completed we will run this across with yourself. We provide unlimited revisions to the video until you are satisfied with, however typically on average 3 to 4 revisions are required before finalisation.

Professional Voiceover:

Once we have the illustration and animation phase completed we add the voiceover to ensure it connects up with the correct sections of the animation and there is the appropriate synchronization between the two.

Music and Sound Effects:

The last finish touch is the Music and Sound affects addition to the animation in order to bring it to life and add that layer of detail.

Video Styles:

Whiteboard Animation:

A whiteboard animation is when it appears that an artist is drawing or writing against a surface, often depicted as a whiteboard type surface. Typically the artist will be seen using marker pens to draw the image.

Who is this suited to:

For Businesses and individuals that want their message to be conveyed in a simple way.

2D Cartoon Animation:

A 2D animation explainer video is when frames are created either by hand or computer software to often represent a character or background in order to create an animation.

Who is this suited to:

For Businesses and individuals suited for those that want a character to do the talking.

Motion Graphics:

Motion graphics explainer video is a place where digital footage is used in order to provide the sensory inputs of motion, rotation or other movement styles typically with solid graphics. The combination of the static graphics and components give the illusion of movement and thus the sensation of action and organization.

Who is this suited to:

For Businesses and individuals who are looking for their message to be conveyed in a high impact fast format.

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