Animated Web App Explainer Videos

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What are animated web app explainer videos?

Animated web app explainer videos are short videos of under 4 minutes that generally include an animation of some kind, often using screen capture and even whiteboard or classic character animation to demonstrate, sell, explain or introduce a specific web application.

Why would you use animated web app explainer videos?

Animated web app explainer videos are used to give your customer or potential customer information about your web application. This is a far more engaging way of explaining your application or introducing it to the public instead of a written article with or without pictures as people are far more likely to watch the video than to read your promo. Videos are shared more often, which boosts your impact in the market and have the potential to go viral, exposing you to millions of potential customers worldwide. Using an animated web app explainer video also highlights your creativity and presents your company and product to the world in a much more versatile way than by traditional marketing. You can use animated web app explainer videos to actually show your application in use in a step by step format while explaining how the app will be of use to your target audience. Complex concepts can be made simpler by using visuals and audio in your message. You can also put a very clear call to action into your animated web app explainer video as well as include them in the links to your video on other platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and so forth to enhance your visibility and potential sales. You could also use an explainer video with details on how to get the most out of the application as part of the sale of the app to boost customers confidence in your product and your company.

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