Animated Typography Videos

We ideate / design a company patron to leave an impact on your visitors, make it engaging / fun and relatable.

What are typography videos?

Typography videos are made by animating various typographic fonts to get across a specific idea. These types of videos can be shown on their own or combined with other types of video to underline points, highlight areas and words and so forth. They are usually done in various colors with the words, phrases and letters transitioning in different ways and are accompanied by music, words, sounds or complete voice overs to convey a specific message to the desired audience.

Why would you use typography videos?

Typography videos are used a lot in web design now, often in the background as an effect as well as in web-based videos as a message or a call to action. This technique is often used to emphasis certain content as well as convey emotion and tone. Typography can be used to spice up an otherwise boring visual and is very affordable as a basic product explainer video. Typography videos are also used in mobile apps, website designs, music videos as well as promotional and advertising videos. Typography videos are used to capture the attention of the audience as well as for developing or creating a character and putting forward emotional content. Moving type is more effective than static type in capturing the audience’s attention. Sound and emotion can also be conveyed by the size, weight and color of the text used as well as using effects such as vibration and other types of motion on the moving text. Typography videos are also designed to make subject matter a bit easier to read, more engaging as well as being more memorable due to the emotional connection. These are great as add-ons to your website, as extra information inside a different style of video or as simple explainer videos for businesses on a very tight budget.

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