Stop Motion Videos

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What are stop motion videos?

Stop motion consists of taking many photos showing consecutive movements, done slowly and painstakingly. It takes around 12 photos or more to make 1 second of video. The photos are linked together to create a video and voice and music is often added afterwards. The illusion of movement is created by the slight changes in each photo, played in sequence. This is the traditional cinematographic technique that was used to make all films in previous years and often produces a feeling of nostalgia when done in ways to make it look ‘old school’ such as using black and white photographs. Stop motion has become a lot more innovative over the years and can be used to achieve a lot more in modern times, such as animating inanimate objects easier.

Why would you use stop motion videos?

Stop motion is extremely versatile and can be used to animate almost anything. From using puppets, clay, animals, fruit and vegetables and even human beings, amazing videos can be made quite simply. Stop motion videos are imaginative and usually quite unique. This allows you to be very creative in your explainer video content and lets you create videos that will be watched again and again. Adverts such as Target’s “Dream Girl” and ”In Pursuit of Perfection” shows some uses of stop motion animation to create a fun to watch, interesting and engaging video. Creative videos made using stop motion and including music, voice overs or other sound are generally retained in memory for longer.  This means that your explainer video made using stop motion video techniques is likely to be recalled easier by potential customers, which also helps build your brand. The more creative the video, the more likely it is to be shared on social media platforms and among friends and family, which is great for improving your position in the market place. You can use stop motion videos as teaching tools as well as for marketing, the only limit is imagination.

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