Animated Service Explainer Videos

We ideate / design a company patron to leave an impact on your visitors, make it engaging / fun and relatable.

What are animated service explainer videos?

Animated service explainer videos are short animated videos used to tell a story about your service. These videos are traditionally short and make use of animated characters to get across a specific message. They are fun and engaging and the language used is generally friendly while retaining simplicity and allowing for a clear understanding of what is being offered.

Why would you use animated service explainer videos?

As a company that sells a service instead of a product, it may sometimes be difficult to explain to a prospective client what you are offering. An animated service explainer video can do that for you. Using animated characters, voice-overs, sounds and music, the explainer video can bring your service to life. You can show via pictures, drawings, animated objects or words as well as unique characters created specifically for your brand exactly what you are offering your customer. Explainer videos are a lot more engaging as they include visuals along with the audio and can keep your client interested, far past pictures and script on a page or an audio alone. An animated service explainer video can also help you explain in detail to your potential client and even your staff, vendors and other stake holders what it is you do and what they can expect from your specific service. Animated service explainer videos are more likely to attract prospective customers than traditional marketing and you are also more likely to get free bonus advertising from your video being shared on sites and among family and friends.

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