Live Action Videos

We ideate / design a company patron to leave an impact on your visitors, make it engaging / fun and relatable.

What are Live action videos?

Live action videos are usually ‘real’ items that are captured by video or in photos to be used in cinematography as opposed to the use of animated characters or items.

Why would you use live action videos?

Live action videos are a great way to show an actual item or service or to help you put a face to your business. If you are perhaps selling bread, you might want to use live action videos to explain the process and show the finished product as opposed to an animated version of the item as people would more than likely prefer to see the actual product as opposed to an illustration of the item. Live action videos are perfect for services that are related to dealing with human beings directly such as a restaurant, coffee shop or even a consulting firm. You would generate a higher level of trust and emotional connection from using a real person to explain or promote the service and products as opposed to animated ‘pictures’ in this instance. Live action can be combined with animation and other styles of video production as well, but using a human face is often the best way to show the friendly, human side of a business or product. Making use of the owners, staff and clients of a business in explainer videos allows you to engage with your viewers in a different way and makes your company appear more trustworthy as you are okay with putting a face to your business.

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