Interactive Educational Videos

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What are interactive educational videos?

Interactive educational videos are videos that allow the viewer to click choices within the video for different outcomes, experiences or to give answers to questions and quizzes. These educational videos make use of various video formats such as stick figures, screen captures, whiteboard, multimedia and more. They normally have a stop-start type format requiring the person viewing the video to click on a button or object set inside the video to continue to the next part of the experience.

Why would you use interactive educational videos?

Allow your viewer to interact with the video allows for a much higher retention of information. On some platforms, interactive teaching allows for videos plus live interaction with a teacher or lecturer. Involving your viewer in the experience as opposed to just watching allows you to learn about the viewer if you wanted and also allows them to remember the content better.  These types of interactive educational videos could work fairly well for teaching staff and for promoting products which need specific questions answered to provide content (an example would be a gender based product that needs you to click male or female before continuing on to the promotion of the product). There are many uses for interactive educational videos but the most effective is generally a video that requires interaction and provides knowledge of some kind.

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