Animated Screencast Videos

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What is animated screencast video?

Animated screencast videos make use of screen captures as well as audio narration. Screen captures are taken as the screens change and the audio explains what is happening. The screenshots are then synchronized with the audio voice over to end up with a comprehensive explainer video.

Why would you use screencast animation for your explainer video?

These types of videos are excellent for tutorials, manuals, guides and are also used as a cheaper explainer video by startups. These explainer videos are used to demonstrate website features, operating systems, apps and software quite effectively. The screenshots are captured during a demo of the product. The video is then made from the subsequent screen captures and is synchronized with the audio for a detailed completed product. The explainer videos are easy to share or load on your website as well. Many companies use screencast animation videos for staff training or as product manuals for more complicated products or services. These work especially well for demonstrating mobile applications.

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