Animated Product Explainer Videos

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What are animated product explainer videos?

Animated product explainer videos are explainer videos which use animation to promote, explain or market a specific product. They can also be used as a manual of how to operate or use a specific product.

Why would you use animated product explainer videos?

If you have a new or existing product that you are wanting to promote, a product explainer video may be the exact tool you need to increase awareness of your brand and your product. Animated product explainer videos can impart knowledge and information in a clear and concise way, both quickly and efficiently. This makes it very effective in explaining your product to a wide audience. Animated product explainer videos are generally friendly and engaging, which means your customer is likely to watch the entire video, giving you a chance to get across a call to action or a complete message, which is often lost when people have to read through large amounts of text. Animated product explainer videos have been shown to increase website traffic, improve visitor engagement by up to 2 minutes per visitor as well as improve sales conversion by 20%. You can check out explainer video costs and benefits for your business. Why would you not use animated product explainer videos for your products?

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