2D Motion Graphics

Video’s today play a crucial role in customer acquisition, over 80% people research about a company before placing any order.

What are 2D motion graphic videos?

2D Motion videos are photos taken in a two dimensional space, usually drawings, logos, schematics or other object that does not need three dimensions on screen, collated together in sequence to show motion. These can be as simple as stick figure drawings to complex graphs and animated text.

Why would you use 2D Motion graphic videos?

Using 2D motion graphic videos you can bring your brand logo to life and integrate it in to product or business explainer videos, manuals, infomercials, for presentations, product or company pitch, product launch or any other short video to communicate a message. You can use the single photos from the video as branding, promotional posters, backgrounds or any other use you may have for images related to your explainer videos. 2D Motion graphics videos are also excellent for internal communication in a company to train, motivate and inspire staff. They can be used to communicate reports, new products or any other information in an engaging and entertaining way to help staff retain the information communicated for longer. These 2D motion graphics videos are generally fun to watch and can be used to evoke emotion through imagery, music, sounds and voice effects. These are often used for TV commercials, logo presentations as well as promotional and explainer videos as they are very versatile and are designed to capture audience attention.

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