Whiteboard Animation Videos

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is worth a thousand images. Get a custom whiteboard animated video to showcase your products and services.

What is whiteboard animation?

Whiteboard animation videos were traditionally created by having an artist draw on a whiteboard, or something visually similar, and capturing the work on video, which is then edited in order to present a specific concept or tell a particular story. This traditional style is emulated today with digital techniques that try to stay faithful to the original whiteboard animation concept.

Why would you use whiteboard animation for your explainer video?

Whiteboard animation is often used when trying to communicate a complex story or concept in a less complicated way, or as a way to educate your target audience. These types of explainer videos are innovative, fun and a fairly economical way to promote your product or service. With the right script whiteboard animation explainer videos tend to be engaging and fun for the viewer, whilst imparting information at the same time. You can use whiteboard animation explainer videos in any of your marketing platforms without much adjustment or you can have a number of them created to suit various web pages, products or advertising platforms. Using a whiteboard animation explainer video correctly also sees your viewers remembering your brand and sharing the video on social media and via email, which is extra marketing for your company. Make sure that you incorporate a call to action in your whiteboard animation explainer video so that your viewers understand what they need to do in order to buy your product or use your service. An expertly created whiteboard animation explainer video will get your message across in an easy to understand way and gain more loyal followers for your brand.

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