Animated Sales and Marketing Videos

We ideate / design a company patron to leave an impact on your visitors, make it engaging, fun and relatable.

What are animated sales and marketing videos?

Animated sales and marketing videos can be in various forms including, but not limited to whiteboard animation, screencast, stop motion and stick figures. Find which animated sales and marketing video type matches your brand, your product and your message best.

Why would you use animated sales and marketing videos?

One of the main uses for cartoon animation videos, especially for explainer videos is brand identification as characters created specifically for a brand, as well as the use of brand colors and other identifiers can be used in the videos. This type of video is great for companies promoting a service or product that leans more to the ‘fun’ side of things as opposed to the more serious type of advertising for insurance, legal services, health and funeral policies as examples. Cartoon animation videos also allow for a friendly and more detailed explanation of a product or service in a memorable way. Cartoon animation videos help make sense of things in an informal way and appeal to the senses on many levels. Cartoon animation also allows for a more creative presentation as anything can be animated. The cartoons also allow the viewer to be pulled in to the story and focus on the product, service or concept being shown in the explainer video. Allowing inanimate objects to have a voice and personalities is also a large part of the appeal of cartoon animation. Cartoons appeal to a very wide audience, from small children to adults and tend to make people feel more comfortable when watching cartoon animation videos than is generally the case with the normal advertising styles. Cartoon animation is very versatile and can make use of sound and sight to get a point across and often tends to be quite humorous, which often bodes well for public sharing of the video.

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