3D Animated Videos

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What are 3D Animation Videos?

3D Animation videos are also known as 3D CGI videos and make use of computer generated images which are then manipulated to create various animated scenes. Although this is still animation, the characters have depth and appear a lot more realistic than in the traditional 2D animation styles. In 3D, all the parts of all the characters have to be drawn in to maintain the realism, whereas in 2D, when parts are not seen, they are simply left out all together.  3D does however allow you to change camera angles a lot easier than in 2D animation.

Why would you use 3D animation videos for your explainer videos?

3D animation offers depth and can be used to create very complex scenarios and virtual worlds with very realistic lighting, materials and objects. 3D is usually used to show features as opposed to telling stories and are suitable for complex concept explainer videos as well as detailed product explainer videos. These tend to be more expensive than 2D videos and are often more suited for businesses with a larger marketing budget, but they are sometimes used for start-ups who need explainer videos that are very detail orientated. 3D animation videos are also used by software companies for illustrating complex software through 3D animation explainer videos. Financial services can also demonstrate complex ideas and products using 3D animation with realistic characters. Detailed product explainer videos are also possible using 3D animation as the product can be shown from all angles and in a variety of scenarios as required.

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