2D Character Animation

We ideate / design a company patron to leave an impact on your visitors, make it engaging / fun and relatable.

What are 2D animation videos?

2D animation videos is the more traditional animation process where the characters are drawn via computer or by hand and the drawings change slightly on each subsequent drawing so that when they are shown in sequence they give the illusion of motion. The images are flat, there is no depth to the pictures, only width and height. These used to be hand drawn and take many hours to create a few minutes of video, but today most are created mostly by using computer animation software. Some are only coloured on computer while others are created in their entirety on computer. The light and camera angles are already drawn in to the animation and cannot be changed easily when being edited.

Why would you use 2D animation videos?

2D animation videos are simplistic but still evoke emotion, which is great for getting across more complex concepts easily. This is also a great explainer video type for start-ups as it is often cheaper than more complex explainer videos. 2D animation is friendly and reminds us of watching childhood cartoons, which is another aspect that people look for when putting across complicated services, ideas or products in a way that is easier to understand, using more approachable characters. You can also place your 2D characters in any situation or location to improve your story, without major cost implications.

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