We provide a large range of animation and explainer style videos to help tell your story in the most effective manner. Every style sends a different message to your viewer.

Cartoon Animation

Cartoon animation is one of the most popular choices for explainer videos. Cartoon animation explainer videos are specifically designed to tell a story and the cartoon characters are generally friendly. Your cartoon characters can be custom created by an animation company specifically for your brand or for your product. These types of explainer videos are fun to watch and great at quickly grabbing the viewers attention.

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation type videos created by an explainer video company are generally used to explain more complex concepts. This specific style is a traditional technique which was originally created by an artist drawing on a whiteboard and the action being captured on video. Explainer videos today use a digital technique but still try to emulate the original whiteboard animation. These types of explainer videos are often used for education purposes or to tell a complex story in a simpler way.

Stop Motion

Stop motion explainer videos are made up of individual pictures which are then stacked together to create a video that is similar in style to the traditional cinematographic technique. These often consist of characters that are drawn manually or digitally, with pictures then being taken of them in sequence, changing an element of the picture each time. This is a very simple style but it can take 10s of frames to make a short video of just a few seconds. These tend to be very creative and are often used to create a feeling of nostalgia within an explainer video.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics incorporates an animation style that uses simple animated graphics which are constantly in motion to convey a message that is easy to follow. This style of explainer video is great for explaining complex concepts or complicated products in a simple, engaging way.

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